Company Profile

Company Profile - Fast Finance24 Holding AG

Legal Domicile Frankfurt am Main, Germany
Legal form Stock corporation (AG)
Listing XETRA, Frankfurt, Tradegate
Business Description The company comprises of two different online products for consumer credits FF24 Loan & FF24 Rent, offering tailored financial services to benefit those “underbanked” people facing short-term economic issue. Simple, transparent and fast, FF24 uses state-of-the-art software providing quick and secure process of every customer application.
Number of authorized shares 46.904.646
Registered Capital 46.904.646 Euro
First day of trading 20.11.2012
Market Segment Deutsche Börse / Scale
Ticker Symbol FF24
Specialist Wolfgang Steubing AG
Listing Partner Wolfgang Steubing AG
Paying Agent KAS Bank N.V. - German Branch
Designated Sponsor Wolfgang Steubing AG
Incorporation 18.07.2012
Accounting Principles HGB
Auditor MSW GmbH
Financial year Calendar year (31.12.)
Management Board Andreas Garke (CEO), Volker Vreys (CFO)
Supervisory Board Mr. Armin Dartsch (Chairman), Mr. Ole Jensen, Carlos Benvenuti.
Shareholder Structure 74,03% Gaetano Limited
6,76% C. Benvenuti
4,50% Moody Al Fayed
3,55% Santeri Beratungs- und Treuhand AG
11,16% Free float